b!entry #1 — bye, 15. (a post-birthday letter to self)

hey, self. you have endured another year again plus you’re still breathing! kudos for being able to reach another life span. you deserve an applause for that.

thank you for being strong that despite all the struggles that came in your way, you still managed to get through those. that may not be all since you still got a long ride ahead of you, but you’re doing great on keeping your head up and going with the flow of life.

i apologize if sometimes, you found yourself in such situations wherein you wanted to give up. i’m sorry if you feel like the world is against all your decisions; but we know that that’s how this mess called life works. i’m sorry that you still feel that you aren’t good enough. i know that all of the challenges you are facing will fade, and eventually you’ll be okay. remember that god is always with you throughout this whole journey and you are not alone. light up the fire in your heart and hold on.

also, i hope that you find your real purpose as to why you are existing. and if that time comes, accept it wholeheartedly and without doubts nor hesitations. do it with dedication and  i promise that you will succeed.

just always keep in mind that you need to aim high, do the things that makes you happy, be contented with what you have and ‘love yourself’.

cheers for another year!



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