p!entry #1 — i wish (+ explanation heh)

i wish you know how my heart keeps on screaming on your name,
how it keeps on searching for you,
though it’s clear that you’re already gone away.

i wish you know the sleepless nights,
how your memories keep me awake,
how they haunt me like i’m a prey,

i wish you can see the tears,
how they fall continuously,
like a waterfall, with endless agony.


i wish you know that i still love you,
despite the pain, how it hurts so bad,
i know i will always do.


okay, honestly, it’s almost been a year since i last posted. i don’t even know if someone reads this but,,, hello?? k no-  as i was saying, it’s been a while since my first post. i’m a busy person who doesn’t know how to do time management, that’s why. but i don’t really know if i’m just a busy person or i’m just busy at being lazy- gosh, i’m the worst. I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF SOMEONE READS OR VISITS THIS BLOG AND IF SOMEONE DESERVES AN EXPLANATION AS TO WHY I’M GONE. sighs.

wordpress blog, i love you. let me put more contents to you darling~

welcome back, self. bows,