the one who runs this so called ‘blog’ goes by the name meg. a sixteen-year old girl who lives in one of philippines’ islands.

she has a vast obsession towards caffeine and typography. though never the creative-type, she finds peace in anything related to art. she loves to play with words, and by that, she writes. she also has a fish-type of memory so she tend to forget things a lot. but if it’s something special or if it matters to her, she will remember it or it’ll appear on her brain in the most random times.

meg wants to inspire people using her written works. and hopefully, in the near future, she’ll be able to pursue all of her goals. not just for herself, but for all the people she’s keeping dearly.

apparently, she still hasn’t found her real purpose on this world. she believes that she’s yet to discover it soon.

that is all she wants to say, as of now. she ought to put more things here, so she will. from her adventures, her thoughts and anything.

thanks for reading this!